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Bloxy.Pro is a free premium hosting company for roblox developers, games, groups & users. We offer everything from Website Hosting, to Discord Bot hosting - TOTALLY FREE!

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Why should you use

Bloxy.Pro is the only company, who offers legit, fast & free premium hosting, for their clients with high security. You can safely use us without your code or data getting stole and/or leaked by us.


Premium Support

Even though we offer you free hosting, with zero cost, we still offer you fast & premium support. Tickets are often answerd within 24 minutes, and it doesnt matter if you have a free or paid service - our clients are all equal

Response guarantee

Often tickets are answered within 25 minutes, if our response is more than 12 hours delayed, you are entilited 1 month of our paid website silver plan for free


You can reach our team day or night, 24/7 - time doesn't matter. We are always ready to help you with major or minor questions & issues

Support with Quality

Our priority is to give you the best expirence, so we offer the best quality support, you ever will find for free solutions.


Fast & Powerful

Our Servers use the newest technologies & fastet technologies. You are ensured a fast website, with oputiunity for large amounts of users to browse your website across the world.

Optimized for Spped

Our servers are truely optimized for speed, we use 10 gbps Network Ports, and the fastest NVMe SSD & LiteSpeed Webserver Technologies.


We have a server uptime of 99.99%, which ensures your websites stays online at any time.


We allow user to install web applications the fastest way - 1-Click install solution. You can install one of our hundreds of web application in just seconds.


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